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This program is built for beginners to advanced intermediate level, step by step course, easy to follow, and the best part, you get to make your own schedule.

Yes! The materials in this program include how to properly engage your vocal cord muscles when singing so you avoid any tensions. The variation of warm ups will help tremendously if it’s done correctly.

The amount of weekly lesson materials are given in exactly in the order of a private one on one lesson. Not too much not too little, however, everyone works differently and sometimes we need to spend more time on certain lesson plan, well, since this is an online course, you get to set your own schedule and time and move forward when you feel ready. To add on top of that, after you’ve completed your entire program, you have the choice of sending in your video and receive a personal evaluation from me!

The best way to go about this is to set this course into your weekly routine. Mark the calendar for lesson time and practice hours. Follow the lesson plan and don’t be afraid to spend extra time if you need to focus on a harder lesson. Be consistent with the practice hours and don’t make excuses. This program was built exactly for those who are busy but want to achieve your singing goal. Your result will depend on how much time and effort you put into your practice hours.

First and foremost, my ground rule is to always record yourself at each practice from week 1- week 4. This is the best way to see, hear and compare how much you’ve improved. Don’t put your expectations too high, especially when you are just starting the lesson. Be consistent and when you get to week 3-4, it is important to watch back on week 1-2 recordings. Remember, you do not have to spend exactly 4 weeks to finish, the truth is, it’s an ongoing process, so give yourself time, while you are introducing your body to new techniques.


The incentive of this program is the choice of sending in your video after you’ve completed all of the course and you will then receive a personal evaluation from me.

Once you’ve subscribed, you will have a year to finish the program.

What Students Have to Say

Jane is an excellent voice teacher! I’ve learned so much from her about breath control and musicality, as well as the mechanics of voice and how to best utilize what I’ve got. She’s very professional, yet personable and kind. She’s patient with me and has helped me move closer to my musical goals. It’s been great working with her.
Christine T.
Jane is wonderful. She really knows her stuff and can identity specific areas that need to be worked on. Highly recommended for all levels.
Vince O.
What can I say about Jane, other than she is amazing! I really appreciate how she makes me feel like I'm important and that she is here to help me. She has helped me build my confidence. Thank you so much Jane!!!
Christie A.
Jane has been so helpful and so patient teaching me piano and vocals. I came in not knowing anything! She is great at explaining things I don't understand. She is truly an amazing teacher. She's helped me find confidence in my voice and musicality, and I can't recommend her enough. We have a lot of fun in our lessons!
Eliza C.

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