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4 Week Vocal Course

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Breathing technique

There's a certain technique to breathing when it comes to singing and by building these technique, you will strengthen your abdominal muscles and be able to sustain your notes longer when necessary.

Head voice vs. Chest voice

We don't always want to sing too loud or too soft. By learning the difference between chest vs. head, you will be able to control your voice to have the sound that you want to achieve.

Using resonance

When air passes through your vocal cords, it causes them to vibrate and by learning how to place that vibration in the nasal cavity area, we can produce a sound that is full and pleasing.

Pitch recognition

It is tough to be a great singer when we don't have the right ear training. Making sure we can sing the right note is extremely important. By doing a lot of ear training exercises, you will become faster in recognizing notes.


4 Week Vocal Course

Level up your performance with lessons on breathing, flexing, pitch recognition and more...

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What Students Have to Say

Jane is an excellent voice teacher! I’ve learned so much from her about breath control and musicality, as well as the mechanics of voice and how to best utilize what I’ve got. She’s very professional, yet personable and kind. She’s patient with me and has helped me move closer to my musical goals. It’s been great working with her.
Christine T.
Jane is wonderful. She really knows her stuff and can identity specific areas that need to be worked on. Highly recommended for all levels.
Vince O.
What can I say about Jane, other than she is amazing! I really appreciate how she makes me feel like I'm important and that she is here to help me. She has helped me build my confidence. Thank you so much Jane!!!
Christie A.
Jane has been so helpful and so patient teaching me piano and vocals. I came in not knowing anything! She is great at explaining things I don't understand. She is truly an amazing teacher. She's helped me find confidence in my voice and musicality, and I can't recommend her enough. We have a lot of fun in our lessons!
Eliza C.

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